Twin Tigers

Tigers, just as wolves, are a favourable thing to put in your song- and/or bandname. And if you want to be really clever, just add it up and you have Twin Tigers.
The kind of unnecessary but nevertheless interesting info beforehand: some of the band members worked in Michael Stipe’s restaurant. I don’t think that this added anything to their music but it’s one of those weird facts you can impress or annoy people with.
Anyway, Twin Tigers are from Athens, Georgia and have a 90s-shoegazer sound that for once doesn’t have the brutal energy like A place to bury strangers. Most of their songs from the debut Gray Waves are rather airy and could carry your thoughts so far away, that they might never come back again. Although the word “shoegazer” just appears in front of you, when you listen to them, their sound is not of the mixed-up quality that comes with the genre (and is beloved by many) but very distinctive which is great because the drums are pulsating through the songs and the guitar work is beautiful.
Here’s another story about the band – Founding members Matthew Rain and Aimee Morris have been in love and decided that – for the sake of the band – they would split up to not hinder the creative flow with emotionally heated problems. That’s quite some commitment to the band, there.

Red Fox Run (Yeah, I was so hoping that I would find a music video for this song, it’s spectacular)


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