The hammond rules, this is all I can say and so far, there hasn’t been one song to disprove that opinion of mine.
Take Bears* (not to be confused with “The Bears”, a band with Adrian Belew on guitar and vocals), they have only made the best of it, with a blend of 60s pop and modern indie tunes. They are the male “Those Dancing Days” (but this might just be the hammond that makes me draw that comparison). It’s great because you feel like a Hippie and a indie-hipster at once.
Because the wait for their new album is a bitch and not everyone has a record player to actually do something with the 7inch EP, they are nice enough to give away a free download (“I’m a snowman”, probably inspired by the recent weather conditions).

Please Don’t

*I see a nice entry coming, where the bears, tigers and wolves have to battle it out what animal the most popular and furthermore most successful is amongst band/songnames.


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