Damn, American Idol, I thought we had something special…how could you?

This will be the last entry on AI, so cry no more, the only person left crying will be me. Why? If you really want to know, read on, if not…well…I don’t care what you think, sob,…

Well, my infatuation with American Idol is over because they gave John Park the boot. Now, I might continue to watch the show, just to hurl spiteful comments at everyone involved but any positive feelings towards the show are gone, broken, hurled against the wall. You know, I really thought that the re-election of George W. Bush was the worst thing the American voters could ever do to the world but I was wrong. There he is, the one contestant with a voice we haven’t heard about a 100000 times on AI and they vote him off…gee, it’s sad.

Dear John,
Finally, you’re done with American Idol, so you can become a proper singer/songwriter and I can write about your work without feeling slightly guilty (you know, writing about AI in any other way but sarcastic is bold for a music-geek). Keep up the good work (and this is no nicety but an actual order, if I don’t hear your music in the next couple of years, I’ll be so angry and you wouldn’t like me when I am angry).

Anyway, I’ve learned that most bloggers just pick up the judge’s comments and make “funny” (and/or heartless) blogs about them, without actually having an own opinion. Some are plain ignorant and some are actually offensive to anyone who doesn’t wish death to contestants who don’t sing that well.
I found that “Foxes on Idol” is the best site there is to actually get a good overview by people who have ears (real ears!) and a sense of humour as well (I advise everyone – whether you like AI or not – to read one Joseph Banks article, he’s brilliant).
I really* hope that John continues to make music because proper old-school soul-vocals are so seldom and furthermore, my groupie-relapse is less embarrassing if he one day becomes a huge hit in RnB, so I can say “Told you so!” with a huge self-righteous grin on my face.

Yeah, that’s what you missed!

*really, really, really


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