Drink Up Buttercup – I am so totally in love with these guys!

Weird music has become kind of trendy in the last couple of years. Although I like that, because I get my fix more often, it also means that there’s a danger of getting bored by it. However, as long as there are bands like Drink Up Buttercup, I don’t see how this can happen. I mean, there they are, sounding a bit like a 60s psychedelic rock band who completely lost it. Seriously, if you want music to be happy, yet feeling a little off (like a kitten that plays with a human finger) Drink Up Buttercup is the right thing for you.
There is so much greatness in this music, Jim Harvey’s vocals are divine and tumble up and down with ease and soul while the harmonies of the whole group are cheery and oh so smooth mingling with the gloriously oldschool instruments (and there is a hammond, so obviously, the instrumentals are great).
You might even get a faint Beatles feeling now and then only to have them rip all that apart with an odd little interlude.
Their debut “Born and thrown on a hook” will give you chills of joy and help you manage all those horrible people that flood the streets, now that it’s warm and lovely outside again.

Seasickness Pills (I bet their garbage can supplier just bought himself a new car)


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