By the way, did I mention my most favourite music video of all times?

For years and years, I had “Evil” by Interpol as favourite music video, there is something about this puppet that really gets me and I can’t describe why and how.

But then I had this wild I am Kloot phase, when I listened to way too many depressive songs and the weather was shit and everything seemed dull and hopeless and I am Kloot seemed to be the only ones who brightened up my day now and then. And I really loved “Proof” but didn’t realize how much until I saw the video.

Now, the thing with one-shot-one-face music videos is not the most innovative idea in the world but there is something about Mr Eccleston and his blue eyes and his overall expression that touches me and always gets me in a good mood at the end of the video and I really mean ALWAYS. I also like that fact that it makes you reflect on uber-expensive videos like Kanye West’s that have no emotional value whatsoever. It shows, that it’s the idea and the feeling behind concepts and not the difficulty, money or controversy that makes real art.

Due to this video, Mr Eccleston can do whatever he wants (even play a part in G.I.Joe), I’ll never say anything negative about him. Heck, he could slaughter a pair of puppies on national television and I would dreamily look into his eyes and think of this video.


5 thoughts on “By the way, did I mention my most favourite music video of all times?

  1. Psycho, really psycho. And not the good way like a LSD-trip – no, it’s more like sitting stoned in a tram and these feelings growing in you that everyone observe you. I prefer the melancholic puppet from the Interpol – video. – But anyway, it’s a nice song.


    1. So, if someone looks you in the eyes and smiles at you, you feel the terror of an LSD-trip gone bad? That’s kind of sad.


      1. Maybe I am too romantic but although he’s an actor (and a pretty good one at that) I do think that this is genuine. And to wear your soul in your eyes is better than keeping it in the dark (sorry, it’s spring, I am very cheesy during that time).
        I think we just grow up thinking that every feeling has to be hidden deep within and be forced out with a crowbar. That’s why I like me some honest affection now and then, it’s refreshing (again, call me naive but I am certain that this is honest affection in his face).


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