Currently, my dream radio station at work is KEXP, because I am based in Germany, I tend to get the early morning hours and I am loving it. The only downside is not really a downside. I just get distracted by new music easily and should listen to a boring and uninspired radio station to get my work done but I just can’t.
Lonelady was one of the gems that caught my ears even though – as soon as I heard this sound of the 80s – I initially thought: “not another one…”.
But there is something about her 80s sound that is not as electronic (and generic) as most 80s-sounding-females right now.
Hers is actually the very melodic post-punk music that has a harsh bass as underlying theme and some guilty-pleasure keyboard tunes to lighten up the mood (really, “Nerve Up” always sounds as if the song will break into a huge “I wanna dance with somebody”-celebration).
Julie Campbell sounds very NY, Brooklyn but is actually from Manchester and does a great job of sounding old and new at the same time. Surprisingly, her sound (as far as I can tell) is unique enough not to drown in all the Gossip/La Roux/Goldfrapp-haze of the current charts and has huge hit-potential (you get this giddy feeling of dressing up in neon colours to go out dancing like you’ve just watched a Molly Ringwald movie).

Nerve Up

Here’s an interview with her by Paul Morley from the Guardian. I just stumbled over this but I really like Mr Morley’s interview-style…I’ll have to get into that, I guess.


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