Sea Wolf – let the battle begin!

Ha, there you go. I really thought I had an indie gem here that hardly anyone knows and then I google Sea Wolf and what do I get? Twilight.
Anyway, as the adorable The Blue Van said recently, it is quite old-fashioned to hate bands just because they are on the soundtrack of something you don’t like because the music business works differently nowadays and it’s fair to say that ironically the soundtracks for many horribly dull and tame movies and series are quite beautiful because getting new and independent bands on it is a new way to get a soundtrack without paying Phil Collins and Elton John billions.
Anyway, Sea Wolf does win because Alex Brown Church, Lisa Fendelander, Joey Ficken and Theodore Liscinski make beautiful music that gets the cello-bonus from my side.
It’s indiepop with hints of bands like the Arcade Fire or Two If by Sea (which I should write about soon because I haven’t talked about them on this blog and they are great). There is a very solemn calm in the songs that captures warm summer nights. It’s a great Band, don’t hate on the Twilight-thing, just love the music.

You’re a wolf

By the way, with this entry, the great bears vs. wolves vs. tigers special begins. I will probably drag it along for quite some time and might even slip one or two bands in between who have nothing to do with the topic but are current favourites.


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