The soundtrack for “Hung” is just like the series – perfect

First: I didn’t forget that I started wolves vs. bears vs. tigers but this had to be written and posted.

Back to business:

Sometimes I think that we all would have lost our belief in US TV series a long time ago if it weren’t for HBO. And even if the premise of “Hung” at first kept me off this show for quite a while, I got into it after I had to write about it. With such a premise* you could have gotten a lot of low jokes and stereotypical dialogues but this series is far from it.  It’s beautiful. The characters are absolutely stellar, I especially love the fact that the protagonist’s kids actually look like real teenagers and not like some pod-people from OC California. But hey, you can’t expect anything less from HBO or Alexander Payne, who did the pilot and has his hands in the production of the series.
Plus, the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous. Starting with the intro by the Black Keys (always great) and some great rather unknown artists (like Sunny & Share Love You, what a great name).

The guy behind the specifically composed music is Craig Wedren and it’s safe to say that he has created one of the most well-fitting and subtle soundtracks in a long time. There are actually moments when you watch the series and suddenly notice that there is this delicate music playing and then it grabs you and doesn’t let go, it’s just so in harmony with what happens on screen that it comforts the plot instead of interrupting it.

*dude decides to make his money as a male prostitute – it does sound horrible, doesn’t it?

And for everyone who – like me – always is on the mad search for songs played on certain series; here’s a list of the songs played (according to HBO, chronologically per episode):

1.     The Red Pony/Aaron Copeland – Walk to the bunkhouse
Ten G Bob – That Good Stuff
Lou Rawls – You’ll never find a love
Peter Cetera – Glory of Love
Geraldine Farrar – Un Bel Vedremo
Godhead – another day
Them Two – Am I a Good Man

2.    Poets of Rhythm – More Mess on my Thing
Morcheeba – Everybody loves a Loser
Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
Mickey Avalon – My Dick

3.    Ohmegga Watts – Your Love
Abra Moore – I believe
L.A.R.P. – This Land is your Land

4.    Devendra Banhart – I feel just like a child

5.    The Go – Summer’s gonna be my Girl
Joseph Arthur – Walk Away

6.    Ryan Bingham – Change is

7.    Mouserocket – fall down south
The Van Dykes – gift of love
Psychdelic Furs – Love my Way
Sunny & Share I love you – you gotta suffer a lot to be happy

8.    Natalia Clavier – La Mitad
Jimmy from Detroid – Make my baby
Craig Wedren – play the game (Queen Cover)

9.    Lights on – Wild at heart

Grant Lee Phillips – Strangest Thing
Gregg Henry – trouble in mind (this is too good, it’s Ray’s Co-Coach and he’s playing piano in the series and singing. Amazing voice and an amazing blues  song)

(it really wrecked me when I heard it in the show)

10.     Daniel Lanois – Decibel
Loretta Lynn – Have Mercy
Sharon Jones and the Dab Kings – How long do I have to wait for you?

Unfortunately, all the beautifully arranged instrumentals go unmentioned and I doubt that they will make it on any CD. It’s a shame because they are absolutely overwhelming in their understatement.


3 thoughts on “The soundtrack for “Hung” is just like the series – perfect

  1. I have not been able to find a copy of the following song anywhere. I have searched high and low as far as what I know to do when it comes to searching. Can you please help me out and give me an idea of whether or not this song was performed by him for the series only. I found it on your list as being a part of the soundtrack for the series, but finding a recording of it has been impossible for me. The following is the song in question. It’s the second of three at #9 on your list.

    Thank you for your time and for any help you can provide…….

    #9 – Gregg Henry – trouble in mind (this is too good, it’s Ray’s Co-Coach and he’s playing piano in the series and singing. Amazing voice and an amazing blues song.)


    1. It was an on-camera performance (I think I read somewhere that he initially didn’t even want to do it). As far as I know, there’s unfortunately no audio version of it.


      1. Oh well, as my luck would have it….. I’ve never heard the song before, but I guess since his version is the one I fell in love with, there’s no other version that I’m pleased with.

        Thank you very much though for your response. The YouTube video you attached is the one that I myself found. I guess it’s just gonna have to do.

        Thanks again


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