Before I finally write about wolves vs. bears vs. tigers – how about turtles?

Talking to Turtles

This is actually someone from my hometown who once played in a sort of alternative-emo band that was a very important part of my life during my first years at uni but then some of them wanted to do something else musically (well, he wanted that obviously) and a couple of weeks later he came up with this beautiful singer- songwriter project together with his girlfriend.
By he, I mean Florian Sievers and his girlfriend’s name (because we don’t live in the 50s anymore where “his girlfriend” is all the necessary information about the female part of a group) is Claudia Göhler (she’s pretty much the one behind all the great sound pieces that are like jewellery to the songs.
They meticulously work on small details to add to the melancholic songs that ironically have great fun names. Right now, quite a few music magazines love them and why not, their music is sad and heartfelt and beautiful and charming.

Look out for the turtle in the video!

By the way, neither Florian nor Claudia ever had a turtle.

Trampled by Turtles

Let’s listen to some of that gorgeously anachronistic bluegrass-folk music that this band plays. What can I say, I never thought I would, but I became a sucker for music like this. You know, with violin, banjo and a raspy southern voice. There is this yearning in those songs and – this may be cultural imprint, though – the want to travel far away and change the world (like Lucky Luke! But without the smoking, mind).
No, a simple gal like me wants to pack her bags and see the world whenever she hears them Rednecks play their banjo. And by Rednecks I mean dudes with beards (and some without), who are pretty great with their instruments.
Ok, they can verge on cheesy country at times but more often than not, they get the ratio just right.


Of course, the order of the bands makes absolutely sense. I imagine talking to turtles and then the conversation gets heated (probably about politics, those turtles have some radical views on marxism) and they start to trample you.

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