Favourite Sons (so, no wolves vs. bears vs. tigers then?)

Due to a motto-show with the topic “family” I stumbled over “Favourite Sons” and was absolutely blasted away by the brilliant pathos that singer Ken Griffith brings to the table. There are not many vocalists who can be that dramatic without being silly but Ken goes along the Nick Cave and The Veils line which is epic and provides grand songs that have this dark soul and just feel important.
Songs like “Pistols and Girls” have a nearly spiritual feel to them (Ken actually sounds like Johnny Cash, there). This guy can sing, I tell you.
I don’t want to ignore the rest of the band, though, because to achieve such a rich and luxurious sound, you have to have a fantastic group of musicians and Tripp, Werth and Edmiston definitely can create songs with this – let me call it Canadian – tinge of concentrated American musical history.
Country, Blues, Indiepop and mentioned spiritual sounds always appear but never overlay the sound, so the songs don’t slip into boredom at any time.

I love Ken’s “I couldn’t care less, so fuck off”-attitude at the beginning of the clip.

Ironically, they come from Brooklyn (Ken comes from Ireland, though, which is why he has an Irish accent in the clip), although this time I would have placed them to Canada without one second of hesitation. Seriously, why do bands have to ruin my local stereotypes of musical genres? It makes mindless generalization so hard.

Oh, and here’s a full song by them:


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