Wolves vs. Bears vs. Tigers – Songs about Wolves pt.1

lupus est homo homini, philosopher Plautus once said which roughly translated means that man is man’s wolf (however, in context he only meant it for strangers, so basically, only the man who doth not knoweth the other man is that man’s wolf…or something like that.) This later on was quoted by Hobbes, who made it trendy again and is most of the time falsely quoted as author of it.
Nowadays it’s widely used in philosopher-circles but without the contextual meaning of the original and, furthermore, without the knowledge about the reality of wolves.

teenage wolverine
et voila, my idea of “Teenage Wolverine”

Because if we were each other’s wolves, we wouldn’t have that many problems. Wolves are extremely social, have a well-established hierarchy, take care of each other and (hear hear, Royals) would never ever commit incest. Male and female are equal and the siblings help each other out and raise their younger siblings.
I’d love to be man’s wolf because that would mean that we’d be quite civilized and noble.

No wonder that so many bands feel the need to name themselves or songs after those great animals who have been unfairly depicted as strange, lunatic loners who eat stupid girls who wander around the forest.

Although, when it comes to musicians, there seems to be a fair share of loners (however, not lunatic) who dedicate their names and songs to the animals, who made a whole bunch of native American themed sweaters even more cheesy than possible.

Patrick Wolf and Yoni Wolf decided to wear the name of the beast, both pretty different when it comes to their style. Patrick is melancholic and serves his music with grand gestures and intricate, yet powerful compositions. We love his darkness.

Yoni is from Why? (who are so loved by indie-people, it’s insane) and he is one of our beloved simplistic guitar-dudes who has a certain cheekiness to his songs and lyrics and therefore makes us smile even if he does sad ballads).

One of the people who always get us down because of their beautifully sad music – Bon Iver – has dedicated a song beyond words after “The Wolves” and gets us crying even if we don’t want to.

Talking about sadness; seems like the theme of the wolf can make us desperate and sad because how come that the lovely Broken Records have enchanted us with “Wolves” which sounds like a farewell to someone who is long gone?

Or that Manchester Orchestra have “Wolves at Night” with its raging chorus that makes our hearts bleed?

Well, it might be the myth of the lonely wolf or the hate-campaign against this gorgeous animal that made us associate each one of them with a longing we can’t quite put into words (except on the sweaters, the longing those wake is to never see a sweater like that again…but we always do, don’t we).

Part 2

Part 3


Tigers 2



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