Wolves vs. Bears vs. Tigers – Songs about Wolves pt.2

But, let’s not forget the other side of the wolf which is the scary dude, the werewolf, the hunter and the creature that eats all those annoying fairy tale characters?

Well, there is enough crawling unease in songs when it comes to wolves, for example in the great song AKA M80 The Wolf by Portugal the Man which clearly gives us goosebumps.

(as I once said: put a puppet in your music video and you have a winner)

Or the incredibly awesome “Wolf in me” by TV on the Radio, which – finally – has the transformation from men to wolf as theme and does so with a blood-boiling rhythm and all the passion, you need.

Even the allmighty Queens of the Stone Age had “Someone’s in the wolf” and as Josh Homme so well does, it seems to seductively try to eat at our soul, so that you don’t even know whether you want them to or run away as fast as you can. Muahahaha!

To get our temperature back to normal or even deadly cold, we should rather listen to Dead Man’s Bones with “Werewolf Heart” and their gloomy tale of terror.

Now, that was nice and creepy, wasn’t it?

But the wolf can do so much more…

– to be continued –

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Tigers 2



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