Roses Kings Castles

So, I am sitting at home, feeling abandoned and lonely, when I get a call. Would I like to do an interview with Adam Ficek who is a member of the babyshambles?
Of course, I’ve already read that he’s doing a DJ gig in my town in May. In a town as small as this, I smell event-news from 100 miles.
Needless to say, I agree.
Shortly afterwards, I google a bit and what do I find?
Who cares about the Babyshambles (I actually don’t) when Mr Ficek has a solo project as lovely, smart, and interesting as Roses Kings Castles?
The brilliant thing is that he’s doing the actually quite common singer/songwriter thing but spices it up with a really odd mixture of instruments, like the brass, some medieval flute and whatnot which is all bloody gorgeous if I may say. And even on stage only with guitar and him (and some whistling to replace the flute) his music is very uplifting and just grows on you the more often you hear it.
So, basically Mr Ficek is one of those horrible people who can play all instruments, can sing and write songs. And he has charisma on stage. Ew.
Also – he’s participated in two jazz records. Now, this is based purely on prejudices but I always think that people who have worked on jazz have to be incredible musicians.

By the way, I didn’t mess up my research but the girl in the video. His surname is Ficek, not Smith. But look at his face when she messes that up…brilliant.


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