Wolves vs. Bears vs. Tigers – Wolves pt.3

Wolfmother are the incarnation of 70s rock and don’t really care how innovative that is.
For once, we let them because although we like music with a twist, it’s ok now and then to listen to a shovel full of classic rock and swing our beautiful hair, long, shiny hair to their hot and steamy songs.

Rock’n Roll seems to suit the wolf actually quite well, or why do Canadian We are Wolves make this great Black Sabbath-styled off-beat music that merges the weirdness of artrock with a 60s/70s vibe and some punk&electro just for some additional flavour?

Peter and the Wolf have named themselves after a very important musical piece of my childhood. I always hated that the duck was eaten, but I loved the story even though the wolf there was one of those unrealistic creeps.
Anyway, the band makes very charming popsongs with great lyrics and the cheekiness that I like and that makes me fall in love with bands immediately. Plus, they add a little wee bit countryfolk to it which is high on my list right now.

And just to give a little diversity to the wolf-theme, let’s add some electroliciousness with Fox’n Wolf (forget the fox, concentrate on the wolf) who do some scarily aggressive electro-punk songs that just dare you not to dance (oh, you better dance, or they’ll eat you up).

They’re disturbing – and awesome!

Wolf Parade definitely knew about the social aspect of a wolf pack, moreover, they also knew how much wolves like to throw on a nice dress and walk through the forest with a marching band, confetti and cheers. With their Canadian Artrock, they make us feel like we are in a twisted fairy tale and we can’t help but fall in love with them every single time we hear a song by Spencer Krug and Co because everything seems so new and familiar at once. We like that they brought weirdness into our musical lives and that they and their other projects never cease to do so.

Talking about absolute brilliance, let’s not forget Superwolf (you gotta imagine some booming cartoon voice saying it with an echo-effect on the voice) SUPERWOLF.
This project is made up of Bonnie Prince Billie who can do nothing wrong and Matt Sweeney and the name seems to fit, where both individually make music that grabs your soul and doesn’t let go, the combination of both of them is so breathtakingly beautiful that you want to leave your home, find a tree and live in it just to be close to the night-sky.

I gotta say though, I was a bit disappointed that they nicked the name of a great 80s rap artist. But hey, a grand name like this had to be used before.

Well, to sum it up:
Wolves are pretty great and songs and bands named after them are so good that it seems pretty hard to beat. We’ll see how the bears and the tigers manage (well, as soon as I get my ass around it, expect a lot of off-topic music tips beforehand).

And what happened to the wolf?

It – apparently – was once turned into man’s best friend and now even takes the size of mutated little gremlins to hide in little purses and be a weak and genetically flawed accessory.
But all is not bad because even with those things out there, we still can safely say that dogs are actually quite cool (as long as they look like dogs) and that bands who prefer the smooth and cool sound of a dog to the angry and dangerous roar of a wolf are just as much fun.
As Dr Dog proof (now, after this long sad, angry, and creepy experience, isn’t it lovely to have some great music full of sunshine and love and 60s vibes in your ears? Hell yeah, it is).

Part 1

Part 2


Tigers 2



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