Earl Greyhound

Earl Greyhound

I have no idea where from I know the beast of a song “Ghost and the witness” (I suspect my favourite radio channel of all times, KEXP) but I do know it and I love it.  Earl Greyhound are an insane band with one of the coolest bandoutfits, you’ve ever seen (just click on the link below and you’ll see).
They’re rockalicious and furthermore have this quality of retrorock but with very intricate instrumentals, it’s pretty much mind-blowing what they put out there. Plus, the vocals (Kamara and Matt) are so insanely powerful that you feel like you’ve just stumbled through a hurricane and survived.
Oh, and not to be unfair, the third individual in this band is Ricc, the drummer(I don’t want any tears just because I forgot to mention someone, besides, the drummer always should be mentioned because he’s key to music like this).

Their new album “Suspicious Package” comes/came out this month, so keep an eye open.


By the way, you can get the song “Ghost and the witness” FOR FREE! HERE! (well, not here, but on the link that is the word ‘Here’).

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