Favourite songs: version 1, 2 and some seconds of 3

I stumbled over this song because Kim and the Cinders did an awesome version on it on their album which unfortunately is neither on youtube nor myspace (Dang). But I soon found out that it’s originally from Jacques Dutronc and also has been covered by the Black Lips. Now, the original is nothing but surreal and odd, like you’ve watched a 60s program of French chansons but fell asleep and dreamt about it.

The Black Lips version is pretty neat as well

But I gotta say that my heart belongs to the Kim and the Cinders version, so if I find it any time soon, I’ll definitely put it on here because it’s not as dark as the Black Lip’s version and sounds more like a popsong than the other versions, but it’s sexy and fun and feels like it’s theirs.

By the way, as I was searching for their version, I watched through the documentary for their album (which came out 2008) and I think I have to get it as soon as possible because it seems like they put the sound of the trees, the weather and the remote house where they recorded into their album. You really want to move into the forest and become a creepy old person that people talk about in the town after watching the docu. I am scared and anxious at the same time to hear the record.

(around 6:35 you find a sound snippet of their version, it’s just a few seconds but they’re worth it)


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