Favourite Songs – Frittenbude – mindestens in 1000 Jahren

In Germany, this song is already a cult classic (well, since last year, anyway) and I really like it because it’s hammeringand an absolute monster on the dance floor but has a certain melancholic feel to it. However, the real feat is the text because it’s bitter and cynical and fun.

Their name “Frittenbude” translates to “chip shop” (or “French Fries shop”, wherever you come from) and here are my favourite lyrics with a (dodgy) translation:

wir suchen ein Label mit Knebelvertrag das uns komplett in Verruf bringt,

Das hier ist Kunst mindestens in 1000 Jahren,
Du summst mindestens seit Tausend mal ,
mit uns

oder allein
das hier ist Kunst,
O Nein, oh nein, oh nein

We are looking for a record label with an adhesion contract that totally ruins our reputation

In at least a thousand years, this is considered art

you’re humming along at least a thousand times,

with or without us

This is art, oh no, oh no, oh no

You can get the full and not so good translation on this entry, I realized how many people crave for all lyrics, so I poorly translated the rest of it.

Yeah, the translation sucks because it doesn’t rhyme but the content is what counts. And what counts even more is the song itself, so here you have it:


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