Coversongs – I drove all night

Recently, I was disgustingly surprised by a song on the radio which was Celine Dion (bad enough) with her cover of Roy Orbison’s “I drove all night”.
It’s – if I may speak in American Idol terms – indulgent, shrieky and doesn’t convey one bit of true emotion, especially as Celine Dion probably wouldn’t drive all night to get to anyone (except maybe her reflection in a mirror) but instead use her private plane.

The Maccabees did a really sweet version and I am always in love with Orlando’s crooning voice. Their very toned-down version is like the shadows that passing cars cast on the bedroom-wall.
But I got to give it to Cindy Lauper who has done such a perfect interpretation, because it’s her song that actually feels like you should listen to it in a car and she puts so much emotion into it, that you feel this desire to be with someone.

I just have to show you the Celine Dion version because I need some witnesses, as I am at a total loss with this one:

I don’t get it, what is it supposed to be what she’s doing there? What are the dancers doing, do they symbolize something, why is she dancing like that, is that her Rock-out dance? Did she actually play air guitar with her leg? Does she know what she is singing there? What’s with the stair-cage? Dude, this is one of the most senseless performances, I’ve ever seen. It’s so bombastic and meaningless, it’s like the biggest opening-performance without anything to open for.

But to end this post on a positive and less confusing-soul-sucking note:
I really have to get into more Cindy Lauper, I mean, who is Madonna anyway if there are artists like her? Here’s a really serious but great interview with her from 1996. I would have loved this thing as a 12 year-old super feminist (because I was one). It’s VERY feminist and I toned it down a lot since then but the basis of what Cindy’s saying is quite interesting.

2 thoughts on “Coversongs – I drove all night

    1. Oh Dear, I blame my MA paper for this blunder. Thanks for the rightful correction. (I erased the wrong tag, sorry Orlando Bloom fans for misleading you…)


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