To see the ports of Rostock and Shanghai….Grisu

Yay, a new feature.
This is about local bands because at my radio, I want to get a bit more involved with the music scene here in Rostock and thought that I should take the opportunity to present some of our finer musical outputs.
I already talked about Coogan’s Bluff and Talking To Turtles (who emigrated, those assholes) but there is a lot more to this beautiful nautical city.

Ok, I could be mean and say that I only introduce them because I know the drummer but that would be bull because as a music geek I am just not able to pretend I like a band just for the social conformities it might give, it’s not in my geek-DNA.

Grisu are an instrumental stoner/alternative band who make this great Kyuss-style music that lets you relax and/or rock at the same time. The timing in their music is really great, they definitely know about the importance of climactic build-up especially, when you don’t have any vocals it’s crucial to lead somewhere and not just jam a little bit and call it a song after a certain amount of time.
As a fan of gigantic bands with at least a hundred members, I am always surprised that you actually only need three people to have meaty songs that kick ass.

By the way, although they (probably) named themselves after the fire fighting dragon, none of them is a dragon, which is the only let-down with this band. Although it’s a serious let-down.


2 thoughts on “To see the ports of Rostock and Shanghai….Grisu

    1. Das sind sie wieder, die hippen Neuberliner, die nur dann kommentieren, wenn es etwas naserümpfend zu bemängeln gibt.


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