Dog is Dead

Ok, I don’t like the bandname because as long as we are not talking about an impressive undead dog that sucks the blood of depressed teenagers or eats their brains, the thought of a dead dog will make me sad.

However, the band won’t. Because this outfit from Nottingham is a cheery mixture of great 80s harmonies, jazzy elements and tunes that despite all of this 80s-ness sound very modern pimped with some youthfully shouted choruses and beautiful instrumentals.
Usually, I am not the biggest fan of the Sax nor jazz-elements but somehow Dog is Dead manage to make it sound quirky which probably stems from the occasional ska-routes the Sax takes. It’s a delightful mess.

So, after a thousand youtube videos of dogs that play dead (how entertaining can that be?), I found a video where the guys are featured. They are the ones that look like they are the kids of someone there…


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