Hey Marseilles

Ah, give me at least half a dozen people, a dozen instruments, a slightly nautical theme and some longing in the singer’s voice and I am sold.
Hey Marseilles from Seattle sound like the less-gory Decemberists and bring a warmth to your life as soon as their compositions fill the air. The way most of their songs nearly seem to tip toe into your heart is so tender that you hardly notice how they settle in your mind and before you know, you feel that you have to have them around to feel better even if the weather ruins your hairstyle, your shoes ruin your feet and your skirt keeps turning into a miniskirt because that damn thing won’t stay where it’s supposed to be…where was I? Oh yeah, Hey Marseilles are incredible.

(Thank you KEXP for introducing me again to a great band)

(if you click on the link, please listen to Calabasas, it’s adorable)

On another note: right now, I am compensating the tender folk and shoegazer sounds of the last couple of years with some journeys into the realms of Hardcore/Deathcore/Postcore, so if one or two unconventionally hard bands make it into this blog, don’t be alarmed,  I simply need to balance all this soft, airy, and melancholic music with some angst-ridden kick-ass sounds that blow my brains out.

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