Warning: never confuse nowadays’ use of the word „emo“ with the following band, PLUS: best cover ever!

You know, the Hardcore/Postcore scene is somewhat of a mystery to me. On the one hand, I like the extremes and some bands that arose from those genres (especially The Mars Volta, The Blood Brothers and Refused) are absolutely brilliant, however, there is this dark, testosterone-fuelled side of the oldschool Hardcore and the nowadays slightly repetitive element of Postcore bands that is a bit tiresome.

To the first: I’ve never ever experienced such a wild and animalistic behaviour on a concert. Believe it or not but some of the dudes there did push-ups in front of the stage (yeah, it wasn’t that well attended) to show off their strength while they were dancing (who does push-ups while dancing? It’s stupid) and when the singer said that all the guys should lose their t-shirts to show their muscles, I had a really hard time not to laugh out loud and point at them with my girly, nail-polished finger because they might have punched me to death.

To the second: I listened to about half a dozen bands and already was a bit bored because most Hardcore/Grindcore/whatevercore bands nowadays all have the same song structures, breaks and vocals. No wonder that everyone went crazy about Enter Shikari because it was somehow different.

Anyway, after complaining that much, I have to admit though, that the good bands within this genre are so insanely good that their music melts my brain.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You disbanded this year (damn it!) but still put out four solid records with intricate Mathcore (so there’s a system behind basically everything in their songs) and so many other genres that it’s like a wild fast-forwarded nightmare of awesomeness. That didn’t make sense? Neither did their cover of The Knack’s My Sharona which is one of my all-time favourite songs and which I never thought would be good in a cover version but this one is absolutely amazing.

Man, I so want to have sex with this coversong.

Basically, this band takes all the power and aggression that is behind ****core music and adds smart twists to it. And that’s the thing: without an edgy distortion of the genre, it very soon becomes redundant but with one, it’s so much more mind-blowing than you could imagine (remember the first time you listened to “new Noise” by Refused and you know what I mean).

(Zappa would have loved this)


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