Favourite Songs: Efterklang – Modern Drift (I vote for Efterklang to be Miss USA)

So, in a fit of self-loathing I chucked in some Snickers-Icecream bars and watched Miss USA. I imagine hell to be like an endless version of the part, where all the pod-Misses are walking to the front of the stage in their anachronistically horrible dresses, while the douchiest band ever (Boys like Girls, just so you know) is playing a painfully elongated version of one of their crappy and meaningless songs, while the girls explain why they wear the ugly dresses, they wear and how beautiful they feel in them. Now I mixed that up, because when the douchiest band ever played, they presented their bodies in bathing suits, so we all could get to know them a little better (talking is so oldschool…).
Anyway, after one hour and a half of what was basically a very long Las Vegas commercial, they announced that this year’s Miss USA is the girl that has listed “laughing” as an Interest. I personally am more interested in yawning and plan to pursue my passion at the University of WTF???

Anyway, after this show did all its best to suck out my soul (as I said, that was the plan when I had the self-loathing fit), I came back to my senses and reanimated it with this song by Efterklang, which can be listened to at any time of the day but should be listened at the breaking of dawn to be fully appreciated in all its tender beauty.
It also helps to get your faith in humanity back after you watched a show that gave you all the reasons to never ever get out of your room again, let alone interact with all those…gag….people.

(if you want more great music, subscribe to sxsw, who posted this video)

By the way; I went to a Hardcore concert on Saturday (I am not just talk, I actually go to concerts, you know) and had a riot*, which I will talk about soon. Yay!

*Metaphorically speaking. I probably could have gotten into a real riot but I behaved myself and didn’t.


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