…to see the Ports of Rostock and Shanghai: See your Princess pass away + The Oklahoma Kid

Here’s more sweet sweet love for some of our local bands (in Rostock, not Shanghai….):

So, on my venture through the world of Hardcore (inspired by a visit to an indieparty of my teenage-years-indie-club-of-choice) I went to a concert were I was treated not to one, not to two, not to…well, I got treated to four bands to cut off this tedious dramatic numeration.
Two of them were quite good, exactly what you’d expect and great for some fun time (unless you’ve been part of the exceedingly dangerous looking moshpit).
However, the other two bands were a surprise. Ok, only half a surprise because thanks to myspace, I had a glimpse into their music, but I gotta say, I didn’t expect them to be that good.

See your princess pass away
Started the quartet with a boom. Seriously, four guys standing on stage to headbang in unisono is quite a sight (the drummer didn‘t because apparently, he had to sit behind the drumset and be really good at it…pff).
They had two guitar players and no bass but you didn’t feel as if something was lacking (that joke was on me as I always thought that the bass is essential for any kind of rock). Their guitar play was absolutely stunning and their two shouters were pretty good with the crowd. It was fast, hard and technically on a really high level, especially considering that they looked barely legal.
Keep that name in mind, it’s a cool name, isn’t it? If you abbreviate it, it’s Syppa, which sounds like super…or not…anyway, if you are into Hardcore, you’ll love these guys.

(I’d like to post a video but the sound quality doesn’t do them justice, so I rather don’t)

The Oklahoma Kid
They were actually the first band I looked up because of their name. It’s the title of some old western (you know, where the villain wears black, so you really know that he’s the villain) but I didn’t know that back then, I just like the name because it’s one of those names that don’t really give away what kind of music they do and usually the best bands have names like this.
Well, according to their myspace-site they make Deathcore.
And hell, they were absolutely gorgeous to watch. The same technical skills as See your princess pass away (I suspect that the drummer was even a bit better), fewer people on stage to headbang (because only one of them actually had long hair, but that’s ok)  and some mad songwriting. There was so much going on that after each song, I just wanted to push the repeat button to hear and dissect what just happened because in a really smooth way they managed to have incredible breaks, shouts and guitar riffs that just jumped at you out of nowhere. As my companion of the evening said: Großartig (which means something along the lines of ‘brilliant‘).
The singer did those weird changes of pitch during the shouts, which probably involve more vocal skills than any indulgent 8 octave-song, it was pretty cool (a little bit freaky as well, as if he had two voices…I am thinking of evil ventriloquists?) and he used his voice more like an instrument, so it didn‘t really distract from the music (because sometimes, the shouting does). I was really pumped after the concert and quite out of breath, even though I didn’t dance.*

(well, it’s no video either, although it still beats most HipHop videos nowadays. This is a song from when they still had two vocalists and the title is pure gold)

I already have my plans with them for the local radio station and certainly think that they should and – in fact – will become famous…just to show off that I knew them from the beginning on. Great band. Großartig.

*I am one of those assholes who don’t dance during concerts because I can’t concentrate on the music then. I know, as a woman I should be able to multitask but fuck that, I can’t, I get distracted when I dance because I always get in my own dance-zone and when I am at a concert, I want to see and hear and notice everything about the show because otherwise I could just stay home and dance to the album.


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