Wolves vs. Tigers vs. Bears: Songs about Tigers pt. 1

When I think of tigers, I always think of the short story “Here there be the tygers” by Stephen King, because it scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Not only do I hate school-toilets but tigers in them that eat people? Gross and scary.
Nowadays, of course, I do like tigers and am not afraid of them, because I live in Germany and they don’t really run free here. I could go to the zoo and see them there but that would depress me, so I prefer the mostly evil tigers in Disney cartoons.

Tiger Army
They absolutely get my Rockabilly-me-vote that now and then pops up and craves for old-fashioned Rock with modern twists. “Ghostfire” has to be one of the greatest songs and if I ever will get attacked by ghosts, I demand to hear that song before they kill me. Especially, the country-western twang makes their Rock’n Roll classy and gives them a certain nostalgic feeling. So throw on your petticoats and boots!

(this is not “Ghostfire” but “Outlaw Heart”)

(BTW: someone on youtube called them Emobilly. Really? When will this postmodern genre-name-patchwork stop?)

Pull Tiger Tail
I don’t think you should pull a tiger tail, so I have to object and warn everyone that this bandname is not, I repeat, NOT educational.
However, the Britpoppy outfit is absolutely danceable and makes you smile like an idiot because they are so cheeky and catchy and tiger-y.
Unfortunately, Pull Tiger Tail are no more, drummer Jack Hamson joined Noah and the Whale, so I guess something good came out of the split-up although it still buggs me because I expected some more fun albums to get silly to.

(I so rocked the casbah in my shoebox-student’s-room in Cardiff to this song)

Kissing Tigers

This task sounds sweeter than pulling the tiger’s tail but probably causes just as many deadly injuries. Anyway, this band makes classic 90s indie that sounds a bit Seattle, a bit rough and also a bit wavey (but only a tiny bit). Just as it was mandatory in the 90s, the singer sounds always a bit bored and therefore adds to the rough lo-fi style of this kind of music.

The tiger likes it colourful and he definitely can’t be categorized as well as the wolf because after those three bands, I have to say, I am curious what else he hides in his erratic record collection.

– to be continued –

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