Head Wound City

You know that you’re too deep in the universe of The Blood Brothers, when you consider Jaguar Love‘s single “I started a fire” as a quite catchy popsong in comparison to, let’s say Neon Blonde or the Blood Brothers themselves.

(don’t you dare to read anything sensible into this video)

After the Brothers had disbanded, the cries were heard all over the world because Johnny Whitney, Mark Gajadhar, Cody Votolato, Jordan Billie, Morgan Henderson and Devin Welsh had created the perfect bastard son of Screamo, Hardcore, Indie, experimental music, some cruiseship vocals and whatever else you can imagine (if you have the imagination of Hunter S. Thompson on drugs, that is).
However, as – sometimes – the end of an exceptional band has it, the bands that rise out of its ashes can be the cure for the broken heart.
And The Blood Brothers haven’t been lazy. 9 bands (9!!!) have emerged out of the formation, before and after they split up. And – as long as you like it difficult, verging on annoying and weird – none of them has let us down.
Head Wound City are Jordan Billie and Cody Votolato from the Brothers, Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian from The Locust and – probably the most popular member – Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. However, I suspect that he probably didn’t influence the sound of Head Wound City as much as his band colleagues as this raw, fast and head-spinning Grindcore is very close to the insane fun that both the Brothers and The Locust presented.

By the way, I bitched a lot about the moshpit/dancing crowd at Hardcore concerts but have to say that not the moshing itself irritates me (I am not from the moon, I knew about moshing before) but the erratic behaviour that some individuals show (e.g. the push-up guy) which I never encountered at other concerts. So no offence to the Hardcore-community in general.

I also left something out (maybe to stay the too-cool-for-school outsider): The Twostep is f***ing awesome. I would love to post a video on here that shows the proper Twostep  but I didn’t find one on youtube that really shows the one we have here in Rostock. I already considered that we have some kind of local variation of it and if we do, it’s definitely the best out there. And don’t tell me otherwise because it’s such a romantic thought…

3 reasons why everyone should do it now and then:

1st, it’s a lot of fun, you can basically dance it to every form of music

2nd, it’s a great workout

3rd, It looks so cool. Well, here in Rostock it looks cool because our Hardcore-girls and -guys have it down to a T. On youtube, however, it looks just stupid. So visit Rostock to see how it’s done (we could sell that somehow, I have no doubt about it).

6 thoughts on “Head Wound City

    1. Damit will ich gegen die derzeitig viel zu handzahme Indiemusik rebellieren, denn auffällig ist es schon, dass diverse Indieparties, deren Standort ich nicht näher benennen möchte, nur noch süß-Mädchen-Pop, Indielectro und Indiepop spielen, anstatt mal ordentlich druff zu hauen. War Indie nicht auch mal was zum Ärsche treten?


  1. Mir scheint es von außen oft so, dass Indie auf diesen Parties vor allem Indieelectro ist. Blood Brothers hab ich soagr auf LP aber da hab ich ehrlich gesagt schwer reingefunden…und ich mag Geschreie. 🙂


    1. Geschreie ist schon ne tolle Sache, ich bin auch selbst etwas überrascht, wie toll ich das eigentlich finde (wenn man jahrelang auf Indiefolk getrimmt wurde, ist es ja fast schon erleuchtend). Ich glaube übrigens, dass alles, was Johnny Whitney macht nur in Maßen zu genießen ist. Was heißt eigentlich “von außen”? Kein begeisterter Indiepartygänger? Ich muß sagen, dass sowohl ST als auch Bunker gut mixen, ist mir beim ST aber auch erst vor Kurzem aufgefallen. Da kann man richtig nostalgisch werden…


    1. Ach, die sind ja auch total überbewertet. Ich darf nie darüber nachdenken, wie merkwürdig es eigentlich ist, sich zu treffen, um in einer Gruppe von teils unbekannten Menschen zu Musik zu tanzen, die man in den meisten Fällen auch zuhause im CD-Regal stehen hat.


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