What Hands Are For

I am sorry that I keep going on about Hardcore bands but I guess so far I’ve been so surprised how much I love this kind of music (well, the good bands…according to me) that I can’t really stop venturing more and more into those realms…which is a real bitch because there are so many bands out there and how am I supposed to know which ones of this endless array of names are the right ones? It’s like kissing quite a lot of frogs to find one, or better a couple dozen of princes (that doesn’t make me a slut, does it?). So, I guess those bands will pop up now and then, quite regularly in the following weeks and probably every so often from now on TILL THE END OF TIME! Just so you know.

Anyway, I stumbled over What Hands Are For and was instantly intrigued because they do Postcore that is just sick.
The instrumentals are quite alternative and remind a bit of Sparta, they’re very melodic but not cheesy.
I am really in love with the vocals of the – watch out, I learned a new expression – ‘cleans’ (that means the singing in Hardcore-terminology) because they are slightly different from what you mostly hear in this genre.
Their songwriting is picture perfect and the mix between shouts and cleans is just right. To sum it up, you never get bored with them.
They could be one of those bands that cross the genre-border and amaze non-Harcore-fans alike.

This video is a promo for their first EP “Loud Ass”

You can download their new EP “Please Believe me” (which was released on March 27th 2010) on this site for only 3$ or more if you want to, you can get “Loud Ass” for even less (0,00$) on the same site.
It’s absolutely worth it, they’re currently unsigned but I am praying to the non-existing Gods that they get a label because they absolutely deserve it.


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