Wolves vs. Tigers vs. Bears: Tigers pt. 2

Hell yeah, 80s crap music for crap movies is such a strong argument to win any music-fight because in the end, those songs are cheesy, pathetic and over the top but oh so catchy and legendary. Alone because of all the comic-reels and gags that this song inspired…man, did I laugh a lot to this song…

Fleet Foxes probably thought that this song is all good and well but that the tiger not only needs the pathos of the 80s but also the poise of the 16th century which is why they called one of their songs “tiger mountain peasant song” and did all their best to be so dreamily anachronistic that we all want to live in huge castles and sit in front of gigantic fire places to roast whole pigs.

Tigers seem to be especially popular amongst the Alternative/Hardcore Scene and who could blame them, there is this calm aggression behind those stripes that doesn’t just burst into a room and demand to be obeyed like the lion. Plus, there is something of all of us in the mostly solitary tiger lives. Aren’t we all just confused stripes in this big alienating world?

Alaska the Tiger
, who disbanded as well (well, the life as a tiger band is rough) are particularly great because they have many curse-words in their song titles. This is a feat for everyone who works at the radio because you are basically forced to curse on air (not that I don’t on a regular basis anyway, even without the help of naughty song-titles). Their music is a great, dark and moody blend of Alternative and Prog and reminds me of the ever so lovely Sometree.

Evergreen Terrace, Harcore band par excellence, decided to wow us with the best possible tiger-related title ever, which is “I’m a bulletproof tiger”. It mixes just the right amount of surreal awesomness and delusions of grandeur and is a little gift of straightforward kick-ass (and the youtube-comments agree with me on this).

The last but big (BIG) argument for the tigers is the fact that the awesome, mind-blowing “The Number 12 looks like you” did a song on their last album ever (sob) called “To catch a tiger”. Maybe to pull its tail or to kiss it, who knows, what I do know is that this song – just as pretty much everything else I’ve heard from them so far – beats about 90% of all the songs out there (heck, it beats even Eye of the Tiger!).

(there is a pretty sweet live video on youtube but even if the audio is quite good, it’s a.) only with one of the original singers and b.) one of those “the audio is good but it still doesn’t convey the song properly)

So, in conclusion, the tiger didn’t get as many names and songtitles as the wolves* but – and this is not to be underestimated in this battle – the quality, awesomeness and potential to be legendary is – if I may say so – higher than the wolves-round’s, first and foremost because of Survivor and The Number 12 looks like you (both for completely different reasons, though, before someone punches me in the face for this comparison). However, there are consequences. The lonely life is exhausting, so many tiger bands can’t take the pressure of isolation anymore and the constant fear of Siegfried and Roy is taking it’s fair share of fun out of the grand and powerful experience, that being a tiger evokes. We still love you and if Siegfried and Roy get you, we will not be mad if you bite their – insert preferred body-part – off.

*which could be blamed on my lacking tiger-music-knowledge…

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