You Say Party! We Say Die! – XXXX

It’s quite amazing how 80s this band can sound without feeling redundant. Somehow their grand ideas, songs and melodies make up for this Molly Ringwald-Soundtrack quality that has its charm but seems to be everywhere right now.
Whenever they go the Electro/New Wave direction, they manage to pull of incredibly beautiful songs and even if they are so much fun with their popsongs, they are at their best when singer Becky Ninkovic goes sad. I already proposed my love to the opener and first single “There is xxxx (within my heart)” but songs as “Dark Days” and “Lonely’s Lunch” are just as stunning in their urgent desperation. There is this beautifully eerie feeling to the songs that Scandinavian bands like The Knife or Röyksopp apparently invented.

“XXXX” is about love, as so many great albums, but really seems to capture this upside down confusion that goes with it, the restlessness, the inability to stand still. Yes, misery can stun you and keep you silent and tired but it can also make you wanna run till you break down. You want to scream and dance to get rid of it.
It might not be the best summer album to party to, but whoever knows how it feels to have love turn your life into a hurricane will love how much You Say Party! We Say Die! incorporated those feelings into their new album.

It’s beautiful and sad and angry but also hopeful because – after all – it’s worth it.


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