Coversongs: The Maccabees – Boom Boom Pow

There was a time (around 1998/1999) when I didn’t think that the Black Eyed Peas totally sucked and I tolerated them even longer but since a couple of years I am just so annoyed because it is too obvious that they don’t give a shit anymore what lyrics they write and whether they actually rhyme (repeating words is not rhyming!!!), whether their music videos make sense and whether their blatant rip-offs of recent Electro trends are less cool and more Eurotrash than anyone would ever want it to be.
Still, people love them which is one of my main arguments for my lifestyle as a misanthrope.
Anyway, in 2009 one of my favourite Britpop bands The Maccabees did an awesome cover of the non-sensical song “Boom Boom Pow”. Apart from the fact that Orlando Weeks could sing everything (oh, he can be such a crooner), it’s great to see them crack up (I assume that it’s because of the lyrics) and it’s brilliant that while everyone tries not to snigger, Hugo White is totally in it and focused so much that probably a bomb could detonate in the studio and he would still play.


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