Active Child

Choir Boys – oh how intriguing, those angelic voices and old-fashioned haircuts. We love Choir boys (in a non-illegal way) especially when they make music that also suits us ignorant atheists. Pat Grossi’s aka Active Child‘s debut is like a hidden treasure of the 80s (where choirs were pretty popular) with Olympian harps, some Fleet Foxes falsettos and a certain MGMT feel to it. His music is a little bit for fading in and out of sleep, feeling like you’re flying over clouds only to realize that you’re just high, sitting on your couch, dressed in a stained t-shirt and shorts, a packet of crisps spread on your chest.
But seriously, Pat Grossi has done a great job with “Curtis Lane” and alone the cover of the EP is worth a peak. There is something dreamy and flickering about his songs like the air on a very hot summer day.

And here are some thoughts about the finale of Lost which I just watched. So if you haven’t seen it yet but plan to, feel spoiler alerted.

1. Who else thought that the church was actually a space ship and would fly all of them to Mars and was really disappointed when that didn’t happen?

2. When Hurley told Benjamin that he was a great Number 2, I laughed because Number 2 also means poop, hahaha!

3. I am a bit disappointed that Jack forgot to mumble into the waterbottle before he gave it Hurley to drink just like Jacob’s crazy non-mom did and Jacob did. If you invent superstitious Hoodoo to make even less sense, do it right!

4. So, erm, was it Jack’s after-death dream or everyone’s? Because I am pretty sure that Desmond’s girlfriend didn’t die, so what did she do there? And where were all the redshirts that died over the course of the series?

5. I hate how Benjamin Linus turned from an evil mastermind who was so cool into this gollum-like-character. Ok, they never showed him eating raw fish in some filthy pieces of cloth as only protection for his manparts but I bet it’s somehow in the scripts and just didn’t make it past the cutting room because of PG-ratings.

6. Not since “Next” was I that p***ed at an ending, it could have been only worse if it would have been Charlie’s acid-dream. What I hated most – I saw it coming episodes before the ending, yet I somehow still continued to watch it till the end because I thought that they wouldn’t go for such a lame, 1000-times-done Twilight-Zone ending. They did and that joke was on me.


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