Favourite Songs: The Drums – Best Friend

Yeah, yeah, I know, I am so late with this tip but only because I was convinced that I already wrote a blog about them – which I didn’t.

The drums are another much hyped band from Brooklyn, where music seems to be the one most important thing (I wonder whether everyone who lives there has a band, so that even the postman hands you his demo together with the mail).
Anyway, listening to their debut “The Drums”, I have to say that it doesn’t really live up to its reputation as it is quite repetitive and by the last song you have the feeling as if you’ve only heard about 4 songs but three times in a row. Their “Postpunk/Shoegazer 80s meet the 50s”-sound is soothing and danceable but a little bit uninspired when it comes to songwriting.
That’s a shame because “Let’s go surfing” and especially “best friend” are beautiful songs and so perfect for a 50s-inspired day at the beach.
Alas, especially from Brooklyn, we are used insanely creative bands that rather surprise us with heaps of different styles and sounds, so sorry The drums*, you might get into my “best songs of 2010”-list but not into my “best albums of 2010”-list.

Sweet Dance moves…

*but who cares anyway, you’re famous and popular and I am not, so the joke’s on me.


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