Arms – another band that’s horrible to google but easy to love

The Shoegazer genre came and very soon bored, a little bit like the New New Wave genre around 2003/2004. But apart from all the bands that seem to blend into each other and leave a guitar-wall of blur, there are also those bands that take just the right amount of inspiration to create something amazing.
Arms are an excellent example, with rich melodies and vocals that remind of the Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear, some 80s guitars (I am fondly reminded of Echo & The Bunnymen) and beautiful and sometimes even humorous lyrics.
Arms started as a solo project of Todd Goldstein whom some might know from the Harlem Shakes. When they disbanded, Todd searched for some musicians to put his solo compositions into shape and on stage but soon realized that Tlacael Esparza on drums and Matty Fasano on bass did a lot more than just idly play his songs. They composed together and Arms turned into a real band and they lived happily ever after.

For all Americana friends out there…

(gotta love low-budget indie music videos)


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