Post Dial

Here’s some nice electro-rock or something to celebrate the fact that Germany totally pwnd Australia yesterday! We still love you Aussies (after all, yours is the home of “Masterchef Australia” the one cooking show I can still watch without getting barked at by Gordon Ramsey…oh Masterchef Australia, everyone is so nice on that show, it’s like you’re getting a hug from food).

Anyway, Post Dial do some Kasabian-style-esque Electrock (I made that word up…as you can tell…because it’s so lame). Their music is pretty laid back and cool and is probably doing great things on any dancefloor.
They come from Turkey and therefore might be the first Turkish band on this blog ever! (If my memory doesn’t fail me).
Judging from their songs on myspace, it would surprise me if they won’t be incredibly successful in a couple of months. This stuff is hot. I mean it. Listen to “Sway” with it’s mad Twin-Peaks-Jazz-ending, it’s titilating.

Here they are on a new blogotheque project:


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