Eat Laser Scumbag!

Oh Australia, you might have lost against Germany in football but your music is a slap in our faces because it rocks so hard.
As I was listening to Violent Soho (who were recommend by The Fly/Levis One’s to watch) and revelled in their aggressive, grungy screams at humanity, I saw through their myspace friends and stumbled upon this fantastic bandname.
‘Lasers’ in any form are a trigger word for me and pretty much can sell anything. Eat Laser Scumbag! sound pretty much like their name – awesome!
They are a messy sometimes-electronic-but-mostly-punkrock-garage outfit that make you sweat with long instrumental openings until you finally get screamed at but at that point you don’t even mind anymore because this psychedelic riot of drums, guitars and bass has hooked you up on a Rock’n Roll level that reminisces some 70s punk, a lot of 90s rock and some Future of the Left weirdness. Having listened to all tracks on their myspace site, I couldn’t tell you what genre they actually are but that’s the excitement of it.

Here’s a song/video for people with a very short attention span (that includes me!)


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