Favourite Songs: Coheed & Cambria – The Light & The Glass

I am in absolute awe of Coheed & Cambria‘s concept album “In keeping secrets of silent earth:3” because it has so much going on without ever feeling overloaded.
It’s a metal-emo-pop-prog-alternative treat for everyone who likes songs that fly over the 6-minutes mark with ease. And weirdly enough, they can be considered as mainstream but with music that as a whole pretty much defies the mainstream-stereotype. More of this, please.
The instrumentals are perfect, Sanchez’ vocals are absolutely divine and whether you listen to the album as a whole or in parts, there are so many things to be found that are just brilliant.
Currently, I am deeply in love with “The Light & The Glass”, not only because it’s 9:39 minutes long (I love literally epic songs) but because they manage to turn this sweet song into a classic metal song that ends in hammond-heaven. Plus, the part where Claudio sings repeatedly “liar” always gets me.

On a side note: Coheed and Cambria are the dream of every metal-fan because they have fantasy-science fiction stories (due to the fact that quite a few albums have been inspired by Claudio’s Graphic Novels) and their music is melodic enough to get the warm-heartedness of every true metal-head.

I will probably come back to this album when I start my planned feature on concept albums. But as I still have another feature (wolves vs. bears vs. tigers) unfinished, this might take its time.


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