Soundtrack: 180 South

So, I am not really into documentaries. I guess since I had to do a presentation on Michael Moore and how he basically spit on the term “documentary”, it’s difficult for me to not take every single one with the cynical grain of salt that says that real objectivity can’t be achieved and that I’ll never be sure how real it is what I am seeing.
Anyway, “180 South” might get me back on track because the soundtrack is absolutely worth it.

For this week, you can listen to the whole album on spinner; after that it gets tough without buying, at least I haven’t found any of the songs on myspace or youtube.

Apart from two or three exceptions (including – for whatever reason – Jack Johnson), pretty much all of the soundtrack consists of songs by Ugly Casanova (Sideproject of Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock) and some by James Mercer who also does occasional background vocals on the Ugly Casanova Songs.

James and Mason Jennings who’s on the soundtrack as well (with another song, though)

Since their collaboration on “We were dead even before the ship sank”, I am convinced that these two musicians should make music together until the end of times because somehow their voices work together perfectly and their styles would make an interesting composition.

Here’s a slightly surreal green screen shot of Modest Mouse and James Mercer doing “we’ve got everything”. The actual video is not available in my country, so here is the one that doesn’t lie at us with shiny background sequences…LET THE BORING TRUTH FREE YOUR MIND!

I don’t know why but I always envision travelling when I hear Isaac’s voice which probably stems from the fact that Modest Mouse have a lot of songs that involve journeys of any kind. Ugly Casanova is not that far away from Modest Mouse, a little less experimental but very intimate and raw.

This is a song by Ugly Casanova, not featured on the soundtrack and with very popular footage of some kids with ape-masks. You can download the song for free on the subpop-page.

James Mercer has just an amazing ability to sound as if everything is alright and as if you’re being hugged by his voice, even if most of his lyrics are incredibly cynical (not on this soundtrack, though, his two songs are gorgeously tender).

The movie is about Jeff Johnson who wants to repeat a journey by his adventurer heroes Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins and then he meets them and we all get to see beautiful images of nature but also (apparently) a lot of grumpiness by Yvon which is great, grumpy people surrounded by beautiful nature are a good mix.

Because none of the videos posted here feature any music that’s actually on the soundtrack, here’s the trailer to the documentary, maybe we get lucky and hear something…

Even if you don’t see the movie, I encourage to get the soundtrack because it’s absolutely stunning (and we can all skip the Jack Johnson track and pretend it’s not on the album).


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