I like your coverartwork! – Dance Gavin Dance

So, I got a heap of […]core albums this week (I hate online-shopping sprees) and was particularly looking forward to Dance Gavin Dance because their guitar work is pretty neat and I love the clean vocals. And when I say that their guitar work is pretty neat, I actually mean that it’s quirky and very intricate in a – for the Genre and to my knowledge – pretty unusual way.
Anyway, although I recommend their music, this blog is actually more about the album artwork for “Happiness” which is a fantastic cartoon done by Mattias Adolfsson. He has a lovely homepage and offers a look into his sketch books which are magical. His comics are a bit difficult to understand as long as you don’t speak Swedish but they are nice to look at AND he did some Star Wars comics with a twist (but not the Shyamalan-pathetic-twists, don’t worry).

Brilliant choice of cover artwork, I say; support your non-local artists!

I already speculated about the meaning together with a friend. He thought about environment getting back, I thought about an ironic Noah’s arc. What do you think? Total nonsense or pure genius (on my behalf, of course)?


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