Sad day for puppets

You know, I try but I can’t escape Shoegazer. But it’s ok if it’s a band like Sad day for puppets who do incredible 90s alternative sounds with vocals that remind of Emiliana Torrini only with walls of guitars surrounding her.
The quintet comes from Sweden (at last, after half a dozen Danish bands, the Swedish strike back!).
Their new album comes out in September but to ease the pain of such a long waiting period, they give away a free song – or may I say, a marvelous free song which is actually the one that got me into their music (thanks to BBC6 who presented it). It’s on bandcamp – I love me some bandcamp.
Sad day for Puppets really do this epic sounding music that puts meaning into your life and becomes an integral part of your memories years later. I love the airiness of Anna’s voice with the booming instrumentals behind her. It fondly reminds me of the 90s where I should have listened to great shoegazery music but only listened to crappy Eurotrash and Pop…good times.

there’s no video because the live videos don’t have a very good sound quality and with shoegazer that always ends up in a bewildering soup of noise.

By the way, I think that the internationally acknowledged day for sad puppets is the 16.5.1990, because Jim Henson died on that day and took a whole world with him. And now we only have Avatar – oh god, help us.

I think I posted this before but hell, this video is so legendary; it has Bowie, Jim Henson puppets and it’s about dancing – there is nothing more left to be desired…


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