Menomena – Mines

It’s finally here, on my laptop, ready to be heard and evaluated.
Well, what can I say, it’s a beauty. It’s the Venus of Milo of Indie albums this year. But what do you expect, this is one of the rare bands where all members glimmer with creativity and musical skills, there is this typical Menomena feel, the piano and of course, the signifying vocals but already the second track “Taos” shows with some electric guitars that this is not just a repetition of “Friend and Foe” even if the song “Bote” picks up the nautical theme and gets lost on sea again just like the otherworldly “Ghostship”.

There is a disturbance in each song that shakes you up and forces you to deal with the music, not just listen to it in the background but actually think about it.
The way that each element comes together in all those glorious musical references is amazing, together with lyrical gold such as “did you strangle your ghost when she broke in your home? And no time spent awake is just time spent alone”. There is a tender desperation in those lyrics that seems to be counterbalanced by the cheeky musical ideas and therefore never weighs to heavy on our hearts.

In contrast to “Friend and Foe”, “Mines” is a lot less subtle with its musical details and ideas, the pace is been set a bit faster but don’t despair because scarily melancholic songs like “Dirty Cartoons” do remind of those great moments of “My My”.

I posted this before AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

It is quite obvious that the new songs demand a lot more time to fully show their beauty, which is probably one reason why only one song doesn’t come close to the 5-minute mark (oh, some radio stations will not like that).

There is a playfulness in songs like “Taos” or “Killemall” that work disturbingly well with the typically dark melancholy that surrounds this band in their compositions.
However, there is always hope, whether it comes from the music itself in this piercing piano that promises a safe home, or the soothing vocals.

It is probably no coincidence that some (very subtle) African influences have made it on the album as well. I don’t think it stems from the World Cup but rather from the fact that Brent Knopf produced and worked with the African band Dear Reader who might have given some inspiration.

Final Words: I love you new album by Menomena!


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