Timmy Curran

Jack Johnson did a lot of harm to the surfer community. Because he basically made us believe that all surfers just strum along songs that all sound alike and could play along to Disney movies. That’s uncool and shouldn’t be associated with surfers because they actually are pretty cool. At least the ones I know are (yeah, I know some which makes me 1/75th cool…).
Anyway, there is hope. Timmy Curan is a pro-surfer, so he not just sits at the beach and bores his surfer friends with songs (that’s what I think Jack Johnson does) no, he rides the waves.
And his songs are pretty amazing, too. They are songwriter pieces with a darker edge, some pretty good guitar work and a very soothing voice that never comes off as cheesy because there is a beautiful melancholy seeping through the songs.
I could listen to this the whole, depressing night through (and this is meant as a compliment).

No video but this is too gorgeous…

And he can also do some jolly good songs just in case you can’t stand it anymore and need something to cheer you up:

And the best part: you can download some free tracks to get into it and then buy everything you can get by him here!


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