Coversongs: When you were mine

I recently got the classic Lauper record “she’s so unusual” and I gotta say, I was blown away. Apart from the typical hits, I really didn’t expect such versatile and incredibly timeless songs. Given that the 80s are back in our pop-music, it puts most artists nowadays to shame because they won’t be able to create such brilliant popsongs in a million years.
“When you were mine” is my current favourite although its no Cyndi-original but was written by Prince who has a hand for writing great songs that get popular when covered by females (Sinead, I am looking at you!)
Prince’s version is up-tempo and therefore sounds more like the protagonist is determined to get the Ex back. In Cyndi’s version, you have the feeling, she has already given up but still hopes that he’ll come back to her.
According to Wiki, Cyndi didn’t change the gender when singing the song (I love that, you should be confident enough to keep a “he” or “she” in it, Alex Turner does that as well which is one of the many reasons why I am in awe with him as a musician). Anyway, this caused many people to think that she meant that her ex was actually gay, came out of the closet and now is with another man which happens, so it added another possible meaning to the song.

Prince (this might not stay on youtube that long, so hurry up watching it!)

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