C.W. Stoneking

Wow, it doesn’t really sound like this music comes from anyone who is younger than 60 years and wasn’t born in good old New Orleans but C.W. Stoneking is actually from Australia and born 1974.
His music breathes, no wait, it bleeds the blues together with his band that has the ingenious name “The Primitive Horn Orchestra”. There are quite a few artists out there who still sound like ‘back in the days’ but C.W. actually writes his songs himself instead of singing the old blues songs. Nothing against the old blues songs but it’s nice to see that someone can do the blues with his own stories of misery and hoodoo.
I am lucky enough to hopefully see him play in October and wonder whether I should start brewing my own whiskey and wear feather-hats with long flowery dresses to fit the occasion.

Jungle Blues

Someone on the myspace-comments section wrote that Howard and Vince from the Mighty Boosh would love this. I absolutely agree and add Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Danny Elfman and myself to this crowd of possible fans.


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