Do you remember the times when Nickelodeon was at its peak? Well, at least for the 90s-generation. I still remember fondly more Nickelodeon series than I do remember actual things that happened in my life at that time (probably because I was a weird and awkward teenager). Inside Out Man, Kablamm, Clarissa and Ren & Stimpy will always be in my heart.
But the best kid’s show ever was, is and will be “The adventure’s of Pete and Pete”. It’s not one of those series that you loved back then, then watched recently and decided that you better hadn’t. No, I watched it last year and was absolutely smitten how great it still is. It has humour, great topics, a lot of absurdities, eccentric but nevertheless relatable characters and a stellar soundtrack. A series where Iggy Pop and Hunter S Thompson play relatable and goofy adults, has to be destined for greatness. No laughing tracks, no lame punchlines, this is one of the few (children’s) series that obviously have been written by people who cared and actually knew about teenagers.


In fact, this series is so good that they actually had their own band. And with own band I don’t mean weird and repulsing stuff like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers. NO! This series wasn’t created to promote some teenage dream, the band was created to serve up the best soundtrack for a children’s series ever.
Polaris are an one-off project by members of Miracle Legion and they released one album which is airy, light and so 90s (it was released 1999 but the band did their songs from 1993-1996).

In one of the episodes, the smaller Pete actually falls in love with a song that some random band (Polaris) play in a garage. He searches everywhere to hear it again and [spoiler alert] eventually does.
I love the way that episode gets introduced because the smaller Pete never really was that much into music but then hears this song and everything changes. Oh music, you adorable creature, you.

Here’s a look into the episode:

And the title song is brilliant. It’s one of those songs that conjure up not only memories of the great 90s but also of my perky teenage years. So what, I was awkward, weird and still too childish to get into the make-up-sexy-dress-up-marathon of teenage girls – I turned out alright, didn’t I…well, sort of.

Hey Sandy

Well, I gotta go and be a bit melancholic for a while…in a good way, though.


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