The Middle East

I know, I shouldn’t do it but whenever I hear music like the Middle East’s, I always have to compare it with a hundred Canadian bands even if the Middle East come from Australia.
But there is something playful and free in this sound that just screams Canada!
This band got recommended by an Indie DJ with exquisite taste from my hometown. He is actually one of my favourite DJs because he does play Clap your hands say yeah! and other great quirky songs that hardly anyone else plays.

The music you hear on the band’s myspace page is actually from 2007 but they said that they are working on new stuff. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with xylophone, whistling tunes, a voice that reminds me of The Great Lake Swimmers and some very festive harmonies. It’s music that makes you want to travel (music like this is the best) and meet people. Yes, The Middle East make music that makes you want to connect with people. And even though most of the time I don’t want to, I appreciate every song that makes me feel otherwise.

Oh my, this is a beautiful music video.


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