Dappled Cities

This is a five-piece band from Australia (what’s going on, Australia, you turn into a new Canada!) who do great music since 2004. It’s our beloved orchestral, weirdo and quite often hymnal Indie-music that has a vast variety of different styles, so don’t just listen to one song and then decide whether you like them or not, listen to at least 5 or more (unless you like them, then you probably will listen to more anyway). So, just in case you had Arcade Fire in mind because I said the Arcade Fire trigger words “Canadian” and “hymnal” – no, they don’t sound that much like them because they have some psychedelic oddness in most of their songs that the Arcade Fire just don’t have (and it’s ok, we still love you The Arcade Fire).

Here’s a video

Here’s their myspace-site

And here’s a free song called “Fire fire fire” on Spinner.co.uk


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