John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer love them, so I guess we all should do the same.

And Shannon Syssamon played the drums at the beginning of the band and I love her. (Her sister still plays bass guitar)

Their debut supposedly should come out in August but this doesn’t mean that it really does, however, to bridge the waiting time, you can get pretty much all of their demos for FREE!!!!!! on the last.fm page.

Their music is this great build-up of eerie sounds and the vocals are like ghosts of old lullabies. They will haunt you.

This song actually sounds like Björk interpreted by a Grunge band. Awesome.

PS: Posts will be badly written and maybe even scarce in the next two weeks, as I am heading towards a shockingly unrealistic deadline and therefore will spent most of my time working and getting more and more irritable due to the fact that I won’t make it. So I might post another – better written – blog about this band later because they deserve it.


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