How are Ukulele?

Today, I remembered a really small and rather uninteresting conversation at the beginning of the worldcup. Because I was – and still am – in the midst of writing my paper, I hadn’t really paid too much attention to the whole parade but when someone mentioned the new African music instruments that apparently clattered the air with unbearable noise, I had to intervene. Because, see, they didn’t say Vuvuvela but Ukulele and I couldn’t let anyone use the Ukulele in a negative context and endanger the reputation it has.
When I remembered today, I imagined for a few glorious seconds, how it would be, if a whole football stadium actually would play Ukuleles. It’s one of those things – like kittens or muffins – that no one really can hate and they bring a smile on everyone’s faces.
I bet, a World cup with Ukuleles would have no foul. Not a single one.

You don’t believe me? Let me convince you with this ukutastic song:

The Maccabees – First Love
(I wonder who can resist Orlando Bloom’s crooner-vocals, especially when they are accompanied by Hawaiian ukulele sounds, it’s a match made in heaven…well, a match made in heaven would be me in the middle…cough, cough)*

I apologize in case I have disrespected Mr Bloom or his partner, I didn’t mean to succumb to such low forms of groupie-nisms. I of course solely respect Mr Bloom and the rest of the band for musical brilliance alone.


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