Robots in Disguise – Wake Up!

It is really weird to listen to this band because their vocals sound like a female version of Johnny from the Blood Brothers which is great, don’t get me wrong, but kind of weird because I always thought that there only can be one Johnny.
Anyway, their new single Wake Up! comes in some fabulous remixes. Although their own is the bomb and ready for every dancefloor imaginable, the Timezone Lafontaine vs. Scream Club Remix is beyond great because it turns it into an even more erratic popsong that verges on annoying but is mere millimetres away from it. I love songs like that.
Boosh fans already know this band because both Howard and Vince totally went for those sickeningly hip young electro girls several times.
I don’t know how much I would enjoy an entire album of this but I do dig a song or two to get into my 80s outfit and put on some insanely coloured eye-makeup.

Here’s their totally unremixed single with music video, uh, it’s so fashionable


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