Dogs – this is about a band, not about dogs in general, although dogs in general are great…

Dogs, I thought, great, I know a couple of great bands connected to dogs (Dr. Dog for example). When I heard the first sounds, I thought that I was destined to dislike them, though, because there it was, Britpop with New Wavey sounds, something that bores us now for years. But there is something about this band that speaks to me because their melancholic music and their way with these nasty postpunk vocals and the sound that reminds a little tiny bit of “I was a Cub Scout” (whom I love dearly) is beautifully composed and therefore creates this teary-eyed longing that grabs my heart every now and then and demands for great things to happen. Listening to ‘Now the rain falls’, you even get some “Guided by Voices” vibe which makes me hope that they opt for this slow and atmospheric sound rather than the Britpoppunk-stuff that is nice, admittedly but not nearly as endearing.
So, after all this emotional hogwash, here’s some music:
(I hope that they know that their name is a Google-bitch, though)

Here’s a long walk home – blurred and with mushy sound but it actually adds to the atmosphere, lovely.

By the way, you can totally mock me because this band apparently is yesterday’s news, they’ve released their second album 2007 and that was a lot Libertines Britpop and (honestly) not my cup of tea. But their new EP – We are the Dogs, is gorgeous.

And you can get some of their music here (it looks like it is for free but I can’t promise but it really looks like it…)

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